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Making a donation with tax benefit. Here’s how it’s done.

Contributing to the fight against lymphoma in a financially advantageous way. Sounds good, right? Tax benefits make it possible to do so. We’ll explain you how to convert your donations into a periodic gift and make it entirely deductible.

If you donate to funds such as Lymph&Co, you’re entitled to a tax deductible item, but only if your yearly donations amount to one percent of your income. And let’s be honest, that’s a lot of money and it’s the exact reason why many donors eventually don’t get to deduct anything. Yet, what’s the solution? We recommend you to have your donations registered in a donation agreement, which is tied to a minimum of 5 years yet does make your donation fully deductible, without applying a minimum or maximum to the actual amount.  

Let’s do the math

Do you pay a 52% tax rate?
By using the donation agreement for an annual donation of, let’s say, €750 you’ll only pay €360.

Does the 42% tax rate apply to you?
In that case an annual donation of €250, supported by a donation agreement, will only cost you €145.  

Good to know: The total amount of your annual donation doesn’t have to be paid all at once – it’s also possible to split it into monthly terms.


Do you wish to make a periodic gift or donation?

It’s much easier than you might think.

Nowadays, in order to authorize a periodic gift, it doesn’t involve visiting a notary for the paperwork anymore. Instead, Lymph&Co is able to arrange it for you – simple and clear. Download the form below, print it and send the fully completed donation agreement in duplicate to:

Stichting Lymph&Co
Muiderstraat 1
1011 PZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands

The RSIN Number of Stichting Lymph&Co is 8564.51.599

After we’ve signed the agreement, we’ll send you a copy for your administration.

Download your donation agreement here

Note: This tax benefit tip only applies if the Dutch tax system applies to you.

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