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Include Lymph&Co in your will or raise funds in memory of a loved one

We simply can’t stress it enough: the data regarding lymphoma are shocking.

  • 1 out of 50 men and women face the diagnosis of lymphoma during their lifetime.
  • It ranks as the 3rd type of cancer amongst children and adolescents, and it’s the 5th type present in adults.
  • In the Netherlands alone, lymphoma claims approximately 4.000 new patients per year, and sadly enough these numbers are increasing.
  • And despite existing, intensive treatment, more than a 1.000 patients per year die as a result of this condition in our country.

As we unite against lymphoma, your support is vital. In that respect, there are two other ways to support Lymph&Co financially: by including our foundation in your will or by collecting donations in memory. In both cases, we guarantee that 100% of each donation is used to finance continuous research on lymphoma.

Bequeath to Lymph&Co

Here’s a silver lining: your legacy can potentially help people in surviving lymphoma. By including Lymph&Co in your will, you enable us to carry on the important work that we do on a daily basis: raising awareness for this form of cancer and funding progressive scientific research into better and more effective means for treating this disease.

No inheritance taxes: 100% flows into research

We would like to inform you that, if you decide to include Lymph&Co in your will, we don’t have to pay inheritance taxes. Charities like Stichting Lymph&Co are completely exempt from such taxes. It means that we can fully use your posthumous gift to flow directly into crucial research. And that’s what we aim and fight for in this world.

In memory of…

It regularly happens that people take the initiative of raising funds during or after saying farewell to a dear one. We feel honored that an increasing number of them chose to donate these resources to Lymph&Co.

We cherish the thought of a collection that is held at a funeral, respectfully and compassionately, in memory of a deceased and at the same time cultivating the hope for a future solution to be found through research.     

Making it easier to unite commemoration and donation, you can create a personal page that enables family, friends, colleagues and other relations to contribute to Lymph&Co.

Open a personal donation page in memory of a loved one here

Nalaten testament

Arrange it through a notary today

Your will allows you to arrange these matters as you please. A bequest is an option, but you can also include Lymph&Co as one of the heirs. A bequest is, for example, the allocation of a fixed amount, a stock portfolio or a house.

If you mark Lymph&Co as an heir, a fixed percentage of your legacy will be allocated to our foundation. Whichever form you choose, it takes a notary to arrange it. He/she will require the following details:

Stichting Lymph&Co, registered in Amsterdam
Muiderstraat 1, 1011 PZ  Amsterdam 
Kamer van koophandel: KVK 66226821

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