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Approximately one in every 50 persons is diagnosed with lymphoma during his or her lifetime. For the Netherlands, this means there are approximately 4,000 new patients each year. The number is increasing, partly due to the ageing population. However lymphoma also affects young people and even children. Despite intensive treatment, more than 1,000 patients per year die as a result of this condition in the Netherlands. The lymphoma problem is growing and until now there was no dedicated fund actively raising money for this disease.

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SAVE THE DATE: Zondag 17 maart 2019 vindt de 5e editie van De Hollandse 100 plaats

27-07-2018 | 11:10 Posted on: Lymph & Co De 5e editie van De Hollandse 100 gaat plaatsvinden op ZONDAG 17 MAART 2019 in Thialf Heerenveen. Omdat het de 5e keer wordt gaan we er een nog groter feest van maken dan eerdere jaren. Inschrijving opent begin september. Zien we jou op zondag 17 maart?
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31-07-2018 | 14:27