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Consortium Initiation grant

Consortium Initiation grant

The Lymph&Co Foundation works with the motto “Away with Lymphoma”. To achieve this goal, Lymph&Co has linked itself to a strong commitment to stimulate promising and high quality research and to offer financial support for basic, translational and clinical research that may pave the way for better outcome and/or more cure. Lymph&Co supports research with three types of grants, i.e., the Lymph&Co research grant, a Consortium Initiation grant and the Paul Fentener van Vlissingen Lymphoma Fellowship.

Lymph & Co Consortium Initiation Grant

1. Aim of the call

Innovative research benefits from the collaboration between multidisciplinary research groups supplying diverse expertise in consortia working on a joint project. Building a consortium takes time and effort. To stimulate groups working together to achieve a better understanding of the biology of lymphoma or the development of new therapeutics, Lymph&Co supports the formation of research consortia with a Consortium Initiation Grant.

2. Call Topic

The focus of the call is on the initiation of multidisciplinary consortia working on (therapeutics of) malignant lymphoma, malignant lymphoid neoplasia and related malignant blood diseases (particularly lymphoid disorders). The grant will cover costs for the organization of an international meeting to initiate the consortium.

3. Application

3.1 Eligibility

Applications from international research groups are welcomed but in particular proposals from scientific groups (national and/or international) with complementing expertise are appreciated.

3.2 Submission of proposal (use Lymph & Co Consortium Initiation grant application form)

Grant applications can be submitted continuously to the research secretariat (reseach@lymph-co.com) using the grant application form.

Download the application form and the call text here:

3.3 Financial modalities and funding prerequisites

Applications for funding for organization of the consortium initiation meeting have a maximum of € 15.000. Funding is a one-time support per consortium.

3.4 Contact details

The only official communication line of the proposal is between the Lymph & Co Reseach Secretariat (research@lymph-co.com) and the project coordinator. The project coordinator will be the person contacted by the Secretariat during the application procedure, so he/she must forward this information to the other participants.

4. Evaluation

Proposals will be assessed according to specific evaluation criteria including the criteria below.

Evaluation criteria:

  • Clarity and pertinence of the objectives of the consortium;
  • Soundness of the concept;
  • Innovative potential;
  • Competence and experience of participating consortium partners.
  • Potential of the expected results for the future clinical applications including patients’ needs;
  • Industry and Patient Organization participation/engagement (when appropriate/applicable)