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Approximately one in every 50 persons is diagnosed with lymphoma during his or her lifetime. For the Netherlands, this means there are approximately 4,000 new patients each year. The number is increasing, partly due to the ageing population. However lymphoma also affects young people and even children. Despite intensive treatment, more than 1,000 patients die each year as a result of this condition in the Netherlands. The lymphoma problem is growing and until now there was no dedicated fund actively raising money for this disease.

Lymph&Co Fund
In our vision innovation is the solution to the current major societal challenges in the field of energy, education, sustainability and health. It starts with the launch of groundbreaking research and ends with social impact: new products for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the disease. The key to both is excellence: the best ideas of the best researchers provide the best solutions for people and society. Excellent research is the gateway to treating and curing diseases such as lymphoma.

For many forms of cancer there is already much awareness and also means for treatment.
Regarding lymphoma, unfortunately, this is not the case. The Lymph&Co Foundation wants to improve this situation by supporting renowned researchers who are looking for ways to better treat this disease. Lymph&Co is an independent foundation. 

First research project
It is our ambition to provide the most outstanding hematologists operating in lymphoma research with funding which facilitates them to conduct this research around the world. The first project that Lymph & Co will support is a project initiated by LYMMCARE (Lymphoma and Myeloma Center Amsterdam), in which AMC professor Marie José Kersten, one of the world’s top hematologists and professor Steven Pals, one of the world’s leading lymphoma researchers, have joined forces.

Board of Advisory
The role of the advisory board is to control the distribution of funding and to follow up on advancements. The members are professor dr. M. de Visser, Neurologist at the AMC and Professor in neuromuscular diseases at the University of Amsterdam, professor dr. B. Löwenberg, Professor of Hematology at Erasmus University in Rotterdam and Professor dr. A, Hagenbeek, Professor of Hematology at the University of Amsterdam.

Our promiss
100 % of all donations to Lymph&Co are used to fund lymphoma reasearch projects. All general and oragisational costs are being sponsored by our corporate partners. All members of our general and advisory boards carry out their activities pro bono. 

Our bank account:
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