Lymph & Co Research Grant

Lymph & Co Call for proposals


Lymph&Co Research Grant

The Lymph&Co Foundation supports groundbreaking scientific research that may lead the way to the cure or the improved therapeutic management of lymphoma.


1. Aim of the call

Every year about 500,000 new patients are diagnosed with malignant lymphoma worldwide. While a progressively increasing proportion of patients can currently be cured with various modern modalities of treatment due to scientific progress, unfortunately there is still a significant proportion of patients in whom cure cannot be attained. Thus the treatment of malignant lymphoma poses a huge unmet therapeutic need.

Lymph & Co works with the motto “Away with Lymphoma”.

The Lymph&Co Foundation wants to support excellent researchers who are looking for ways to better understand and treat this disease. The Lymph&Co Research Grant is one of our instruments to support high quality, relevant research with a high impact for patients. It is our ambition to provide outstanding (basic, translational or clinical) scientists in lymphoma research with funding, which should facilitate them to conduct this research around the world.


2. Call Topic

The aim of this call is to fund basic, translational or clinical research on malignant lymphoma, malignant lymphoid neoplasia and related malignant blood diseases (particularly lymphoid disorders). Projects will be considered that enhance our understanding of the origin and biology of these disorders as well as projects that furnish insights or develop tools that will advance the treatment.

3. Application

Any promising research project that is relevant, impactful, and of high quality is eligible for funding.

Applications from individual researchers or research groups are welcome. All (inter)national researchers working on basic, translational and clinical research on lymphoma are invited to submit a research proposal. In particular, collaborative research proposals from various scientific groups (national and/or international) with complementing expertise are encouraged to apply for a research grant.

3.2 Submission of proposal (use Lymph & Co application form)

Applications should be submitted using the application form available on the Lymph&Co website.

There will be a two-stage submission procedure for applications: pre-proposals and full proposals. The call is scheduled to open on 7 May 2019. The deadline for submitting the pre-proposals is on 15 July 2019. The Scientific Advisory Board of Lymph&Co will carry out a scientific evaluation according to specific evaluation criteria. Based on this central evaluation, selected consortia will be invited to submit a full proposal by 20 November 2019.

Applications must be sent to the secretariat of the Scientific Advisory Board of Lymph&Co by email (


Time line

7 May 2019

  Publication of the Lymph & Co Call

15 July 2019

  Submission deadline for pre-proposals to

12 September 2019

  Full proposal invitations sent to project coordinators

20 November 2019

  Submission deadline for full proposals

10 March 2019

  Final funding decision to applicants

May 2020

  Start of funding














3.3 Financial modalities and funding prerequisites

Applications for funding for personnel and materials/infrastructure have a maximum of Eur 1.500.000,00. Funding is granted for a maximum of four years.

The applicants should agree that scientific data obtained during the research will be made public so that they will also become available to other scientists. Applications should also be willing to present their research project to donors of Lymph & Co and/or other interested parties.


3.4 Contact details

The only official communication line of the proposal is between the Lymph & Co Secretariat ( and the project coordinator. The project coordinator will be the person contacted by the Secretariat during the application procedure, so he/she must forward this information to the other participants.


4. Evaluation

Proposals will be assessed according to specific evaluation criteria (see below).

Evaluation criteria:

  1. Excellence  
    a. Clarity and pertinence of the objectives;
    b. Soundness of the concept;
    c. Innovative potential;
    d. Competence and experience of participating research partners in the field(s) of the proposal 
        (previous work in the field, specific technical expertise). 

  2. Impact
    a. Potential of the expected results for the future clinical applications including patients’ needs
    b. Effctiveness of the proposed measures to exploit and disseminate the project results 
        (including managementof IPR), to communicate the project to the patients and to 
        manage research data where relevant
    c. Industry and Patient Organization participation/engagement (when appropriate/applicable)
    d. Competence and experience of participating research partners in the field(s) of the proposal
        (previous work in the field, specific technical expertise)

  3. Quality and efficiency of the implementation
    a. Coherence and effectiveness of the work plan, including appropriateness of the allocation of 
        tasks, resources and time frame
    b. Budget and cost-effectiveness of the project (rational distribution of resources in relation to 
        project’s activities, partners responsibilities and time frame)




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